Freitag, 26. August 2011

May the sun shine on you, but not burn your skin all too much

May the sun shine on you, but not burn your skin all too much

A few impressions on life by the Entourage and various people, I met along the road:

Not all are to our gusto, but this is not supposed to be a kindergarten birthday party. Judge for yourself ;-)

„Work is important, as it keeps you occupied. Too much free time ends in boredom.“

„The goal in life is to find the mission of your soul. That could be anything. Truly, working on that mission will ultimately lead to a happy life.“

„It's all about Loving, Living and Laughing.“

„Achieve. Work your way up and beat the others, who will always stay in the 2nd row as a lack of their focus and commitment. Be the best – not a looser.“

“Life is ruled by softness. Flowers can bend in a storm and live on untouched, whereas mighty trees will break through resistance. A child is a tender being as most old people, who have finally accepted their fate of death. Both share an understanding soul. Nevertheless “soft” people, though, are always the ones nobody takes much notice of or even listens to in respect. “Hard” people like bankers and politicians build the top of our social hierarchy, while children, elderly, artists, poets and mystics are situated at the bottom level. This compared to nature, gives the impression of a tree the wrong way around. The “hard” and sturdy roots up in the skies, whereas the beautiful, but soft fruits and flowers of that same tree rot away beneath the earth. It should be the other way around.”

„Living the moment now, makes any past and any future irrelevant and non-real. Most people tend to see a greater and better version of themselves somewhere in the future or the past, but if they would just look at themselves now, they would realize that they are already perfect. Little Buddhas with no need of any illusions about a long forgotten past and never sure future. It happens NOW.“

„Burn the candle from both sides.“

„Trust in HIM and he will destine your fate. Believe in HIM and he will lead you the righteous way.“

„Actions follow words, which develop from thoughts. Just be aware of what you think and say. It might come true as actions are not always mono – originated. Saying Yes might change your life as might also do the word No.“

„I want to be with the one I love. It is all that matters to me. Being with this person and not solely alone makes me live happily in any circumstance or country.“

“Leaving something behind for eternity is what counts for me. I can not stand the thought of being forgotten one day. Great men are mentioned in history, the others just faded away.”

“All that you think you are is only a reflection of a reflection, you see in the eyes and reactions of other people around you. Once you understand that your - so built - ego is nothing more than an illusion – a vast cabinet of mirrors and more mirrors - to satisfy your need of a fixation point in your “virtual” life, you will finally understand that nothing really is. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about.”

“My house. My car. My bank account. My big - boobed wife. My A-grade children. Isn't that great?”

„It is not what you achieve or produce for yourself that counts, but what you do to others. Those actions will judge you as a man or woman and justify a happy or miserable life and afterlife.“

„Be self-centered, but not egoistic. Be self-conscious, but not self-obsessed. Love yourself first, to be able to love others truly.“

„Life is about balance. It seeks no extremes. The duality of everything exists in you as in every other matter of this world. Do not hate yourself for occasional improper thoughts or bad behaviors. Accept your negative sides as a part of you to fully understand yourself as a whole being. Only so can you reach a level of balance and a fuller, happier life. You will do more good things, because you are aware of their negative equivalents.“

„Instead of wondering what your purpose in life is, you should start living it.“

„When I was young, I saw myself in many different places. I could have never imagined that all those hopes, wishes and fears would simply disappear as soon as my first son came to this world. Sort of opened my eyes. Looking back, I think it's all about trying to get close to yourself to then keep an essence of that when your real mission as a parent starts. It's not only about you then, you know?“

„For most humans out there, life is like sitting on a toilet, while constantly eating fastfood and drinking beer. Their shit smells accordingly to that lifestyle. Luckily,so they think, they got their precious, money printed toilet paper to make them forget about all that crap coming out of them. One day though, the last paper will be used. Will they be able to stand the smell?“

„Just can't be bothered with thinking about any whys, whats and hows. People change their minds every minute, their jobs and careers a few times in their lives and surely their loved ones a couple of times as the years go by, even though society tries to give them the impression that all those transformations within are wrong. Why though? Haven't you ever rethought your opinions on an important matter or truly loved someone for only half a day, because life smiled a little more on you in that moment? Nothing is wrong with being honest to yourself. Being fickle. Everyone changes all the time. Allow yourself to change.“

„Dude, look at all those „good guys“. They are so understanding for all the faulties of the people around them. I certainly admire those „good guys“ and all their feel and endless love for their surroundings, but when will they ever start to forgive themselves? Accept yourself, dude. Nobody is perfect. Not even you. You DESERVE a happy life, too.“

“When I was about 15 years old, I had prepared a really exquisite, but rather boring speech about Bill Clinton for my English course. My mum advised me to spice it up by inviting Bill Clinton himself. The fact that I actually did exactly that in a 2 page email changed my life. I cant thank my mum enough for that random advise. I somehow understood the flow of things around me. I lost my fear about life going bad. If you are too afraid to risk something you think it is worth fighting for, you have already lost by not trying. Bill never came, but his secretary's reply was full of love and encouragement to always aim highest for yourself. Not necessarily in a materialist way – I now understand – but for you own life. I promised myself never to ignore that “flow of things” ever again.”

„I don't really know what to say. Haven't thought much about what we are here for or how I should life my life exactly. I just go along, I guess.“

„If your boil your life down to the real important things, what is there? Ask yourself WHY you are doing all that bullshit in your life. What is it that really keeps you going? What makes you happy? You want to be rich? Famous? Respected? Why? Certainly, it is possible to find an answer to those questions, but it should be a good one.“

„Feeling sorry for the beggar around the at the corner store? Surely, there is good reasons for that. Maybe he looks sort of shabby, got no real home and might have less than a dollar in his pocket, but also take a closer look at the great gifts he is carrying with him. Freedom, an honest smile, patience, the ability to endure. He might end up feeling sorry for you in the end.“

„Most people only perceive things, which surround them in a three meter radius. Try and observe. You will be quite surprised, because its literally true. Do me and yourself a favor and walk around looking at the horizon for one day straight. Yes, I mean: Lift your head and look in the distance. Having done that once, I don't think you will come back and ask me for some meaning of life again.“

„I like fun.“

“It's love. Plainly and simply LOVE is what matters. Don't pick that word apart, rather let it flourish in your heart.”

With all our hearts, the Entourage wishes you a very nice, sun-shiny day.

We say goodbye with one, last interesting fact: By cutting down you meat consumption by 20%, your positive effect on global warming equals driving a hybrid car. Something to ponder about.

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