Samstag, 18. Oktober 2014



 "Is not the south the source of life, and does not the flowering stick truly come from there? And does not man advance from there toward the setting sun of his life? Then does not he approach the colder north where the white hairs are? And does he not arrive, if he lives, at the source of light and understanding, which is the east? The does he not return to where he began, to his second childhood, there to give back his life to all life, and his flesh to the earth whence it came? The more you think about this, the more meaning you will see in it." [Black Elk, "Black Elk Speaks, {Black Elk on the importance of the circle and circular organization in human society}, John G. Neilhardt]

Impressions taken with my grannies Voigtländer Vitomatic II from the World Rainbow Gathering in Hungary 2014.

Parts of us are settling down for the winter in the south-west of Germany, fuse.

All the love,
Your Entourage

Freitag, 22. August 2014

I am on a boat … with Lindsay

To be touched very deep by someone's words and gestures, to share someone's life fully for a while is a profound experience of the good that can be real. How much it can mean for humans to smile at each other, when all else is unknown. It is not always possible and sometimes not just with everyone. It is a kind of kinship as alive beings on planet Earth on a Tuesday night. That moves you. That girl born in Zimbabwe. Shining like ivory. Finding refuge. Being refuge.

A complicated calculation of current circumstances, created carefully, by constant conversations, allowed antagonistic admiration amongst alternating egos. Unison in understanding. Love in letting be.

She wrote these following lines,
simply … ,
a partner in crime and a sister in life.

"For me, photography has never been a means to an end, that of fame, fortune and recognition. I fell into this medium by chance having always been interested in art; photography then became the most powerful way in which I could express my other interests such as philosophy, nature, people and identity. More than portraits, my pictures are character studies, not only of my subjects but also of myself. How I capture them is often a reflection of my viewpoint or way of thinking, making them very personal whether that is evident or not. The lack of over styled glamour in my pictures is a way for me to take a stand against the unrealistic fashion imagery that is flooding our society today. Such images have completely warped our perception of what is ‘beautiful’ and what is ‘real’ leaving us to bask in the after math of our disillusionment. What I want for my pictures is for the people in them to be seen for who they are, no special effects, and for the people viewing them to realize that beauty isn’t perfection, it’s in the moments where we are completely exposed, vulnerable for all to see and not caring anyway."

(Lindsay Hamlyn, born in Zimbabwe, living as a photographer in Hamburg: )

 - On a boat -

With her on the road, Copenhagen developed into a haven, full of people living on boats to spend their life times floating. What an hommage – a song! - could be written about these people grinning off their vessels and riding the canals of the city on full moon nights and Monday Mornings. A glimpse into a society choosing to thrive with the tides and still courageously celebrating the dance in the lion's den. 'Should be said that these were very good lessons of an alternative western way to live harmoniously with all walks of life and ages in an urbanized area. On boats.

All the best and "see you later" in a month or two as the World Rainbow Gathering is happening in Hungary from 25th of August until 24th of September.

Whoever is interested in the social concept of Rainbow can find infos about ongoing gatherings by writing to this auto respond mail address:

Haux Haux

Dienstag, 5. August 2014

The Hamburg Zoo of the Free people

Under bridges, musicians are roaring and banging on boxes, postulating their need for weed.

In backyards, Africans meet to seek a new destiny or to ride their bikes around roundabouts at night.

Infused by imported coffee beans, teens talk to seniors, to truly learn to survive in this human box shaped city hive.

Things found on the streets serve as another one's treat - to express themselves.

Beautiful city of Hamburg, with your free people in it.
Let me thank you - and them - for every minute.

Your Entourage

(really sorry for the bad picture qualities - Budnikowsky photo CD is … bad)

Sonntag, 20. Juli 2014

Living is easy with your eyes closed

 Living is easy with your eyes closed 

Megan from somewhere.

All the love in these times of the burning of the kaleidoscope of man,

Your Entourage

Sonntag, 29. Juni 2014

Greetings from the other side of the fence – This is not a holiday

Greetings from the other side of the fence – This is not a holiday

“Sometimes all life takes is only a little bit of bravery.” – Terrence McKenna

This famous ethnobotanist got it down to a “courageous” approach towards the new, when he embarked on his psychodelic, out of the mind journeys, in order to “download” a new operating system for his very own being. Why would someone want to “clean his sheet”, risk eternal psychosis and be an outcast of modern society? Because he thought it necessary to explore reality in order to live truly. It was not enough for him to obey and be restricted. He needed to be the change he wanted to see in life. He wanted to be human.

But no plant or synthetic agent is needed, nor money or another career, to explore the familiar material and mental plane from a very different angle. Sometimes, in order to find something new, only the old has to be let go off. Open your hand and the world will rest in your palm, form a fist and you'll hold on to nothing. In many cases around the developed countries, this is to stop thinking about work and weekend/holiday time and start living as if all that you are doing is your true work for which you'll get paid for in many ways. The money required for the life you are to life, the love to love again, the resistances to grow as a sound person. In more rural places, people have either figured that out all along, or they are challenged to free themselves of the illusionist dreams of a “western” life. Mama Nature; someone, who serves what is needed. Something not delivered in a box to a box, to be eaten out of a box for 2,99 $. Nobody wants to blame the box, though. The rectangle seems to be the symbol of the 21st century. Edges and straight lines. Seductive Geometry, the Golden CUT.

But what is there, if one chooses to leave all these paved walkways and dogmas of “what to do” behind?

Seriously now - no kiddin' - is there a life without all the “they”s and “me”s, the city and the backcountry, without the constant auto reactive urge to fragment time spent in given and received? Is there a “better” place? “Better” people? pfffff…. What is behind the obvious?! Something just as obvious?

Let's find out – alone, but together. Let's challenge ourselves by stopping to function a mathematical equations. Let's allow caring and to be cared for. There are no borders, but in our minds.

With love,
The Entourage

Again, I would like to encourage people to send written evidence of their fragments of the kaleidoscopic human experience. Something only you could have written. Favorably short stories, as it is hard for me to combine poems, without interfering too much.

Sonntag, 15. Juni 2014

July it is

A rock -e – fell - er on the 13th,
the plane disappeared at Maine.
another kid was shot in Fortaleza.
Holland defeats England,
while the kaleidoscope keeps spinning
in solar flares.

For the next months I would love to collect abstract or personal narratives/short stories from you friends, which I'd like to share on the blog to magnify our visions to each another, so we can show how the heart ticks on the other side of the world. Stuff we have to tell each other. Artisticly, a thought or a documentation about your feel of it. A story from your childhood, a picture you made at night. Your music, your vibe. July it is. Lets have fun, you magic ones.

Most of you got my email I am sure, but here for the contact:

Dienstag, 3. Juni 2014

A piece of peace

I am looking into her eyes and she is asking me: “Who is paying for the party?”

Like always nothing but love to all the horses out there,

The Entourage

Sonntag, 25. Mai 2014

Simply for the love

Simply for my love of the South West of Europe, its people and my friends. The approach to life and the many wonders of a life between the branches.

The spots of colors, the many shapes.

All the love and thank you so much,
The Entourage