Dienstag, 29. April 2014

Familia Fantasia

Nothing is moving and all is darkness. He is tempted to open his eyes, but the dense black is so soothing in its all penetrating presence. A roar of lion is vibrating throughout all that he is jaguar.
A tree is emerging from below, where he is sitting. Purple flickers of light are washing out of that tree's leaves into infinite gaps between motionless winds surrounding all of him. Song of tradition is taunting the adolescent self, which is hungry for more light, for more honest violence towards untouched life. The protector of the baby is crying out in vain. A step taken back, two eyelids are suddenly opened. The room posing space is illuminated by a single candle, the family present.

Two eyelids are closed again and another opened. The same familiar darkness is giving shelter to a broad spectrum of raw emotions, which arose from that glimpse of that room of space filled with people, who are the embodiment of the because to the why. And again, the eyes are opening, closing, opening, closing, opening.

Your Familia Fantasia

Freitag, 25. April 2014

Vast oceanic freedom

An eagle is soaring effortlessly through warm layers of cutting trade winds along ragged coast lines of an yet undiscovered continent. A strong arm is raised in an welcoming gesture of possible unison. The eagle's claws are finding their fit around hardened muscles as the warrior cries out in deep joy and understanding of the animal's needs for recognition and freedom. Behold. The bird's beak is ripping open a gash of flesh around the man's left wrist. Fresh blood is flowing forth to color the earth below in dark, inky tones of red. The color of love and hate. After the man bled to death quietly, his soul is born liberated of the trade of flesh for water. Waves are rumbling against the ancient cliffs, which are towering over untouched sandy beaches that have been hiding so long along forgotten boulders of past millennia. The body is falling down to the earthen ground, is twisting once more in physical revolt to release itself over the cliff's edge into the winds of coming change. The salty waters are washing clean the warrior's vehicle, which has served its purpose from times of sin and truth. At last the body is returned to salt in veins. The last verdict is freedom. No time to die, if one can live.

All the love from Fantasia

Mittwoch, 2. April 2014

Eat like a poor man eats


Eat like a poor man eats and you will meet your doctor only on the golf course.

Whoofing project Jan' 2014 in Carrapateira / Portugal.

Whoofing is a project, connecting volunteers with local farms in order to give both parties the chance to exchange energy and knowledge without being in mercy of a monetary system.

All the Love from Portugal,

The Entourage