Montag, 30. Januar 2012

Patiently waiting

Climbing a mountain to talk to lizards and march flies. Patiently waiting, while realizing that one only closes his or her eyes in meditation, because the sun is shining too bright.

The Entourage is happy, healthy and thankful for the good times along the way!!!

Relax and check out Luke's band (my new friend, who's mainly photographed) the Dali's Angels under

Freitag, 20. Januar 2012

Life Tripping

Road tripping

Life tripping

Friends tripping

Wave tripping

New tripping

Wrong and right tripping

Love tripping

Cry tripping

Laugh tripping

Why tripping?

Because that's what we do!

This time the biggest thanks to Edwin Katzy, Beavis, John, Luke, Doug, Imre and Kurt for giving me homes, cars and their friendship all around Australia's eastern coastline. Further thanks to the amazing star-lit night skies, the summerly rains, the inward and outward hippies along the way, the sometimes quite fickle waves, the nasty spiders trying to kill me all the time, when I try to throw away the bio trash, the kanus, which the landlord left us to explore the closely lagoons, the inspiring buskers of Byron Bay and of course to life in general for being such an nice companion.

Love prevails!

Your Entourage!