Dienstag, 28. Dezember 2010

order one get five for free

this week not too many pictures, as I was unable to walk around that much. Being a super hot ninja, I ran down Lion's Head with an approximate average speed of 11 km/h + bragging extra of 5km/h and jumped - right heel first - on one fuzzing vicious rock. Therefore, I had to take it a little easy. Nevertheless, luck stuck to me as I burned my nose with a cigarette, crashed with a bike rider and met my friend the great white shark. Especially the last encounter was very exciting, but freaking scary, too. The great hunter sort of said hello while I was surfing out at Nordhoek the other morning. I was a little confused by such a big dolphin until me and a surferess saw him again - about 25 meter off our yummy legs. It took me about 20 minutes watching the other guys still surfing some of the most awesome waves ever until I got back into the roaring sea.

On Christmas, I was invited to some really nice peolpe, who own a the winw estate "Meerlust" in Stellenbosch. It was an extremly pleasant night, which was followed by an extremly unpleasant hangover.

So poeple keep it up and wish me luck for me application for the Underwater Scholarship Society Scholarship 2011. The guys at the office have hopefully received my stuff by now!

Keep it danger,

The Entourage

Samstag, 18. Dezember 2010

City of Seals

The Entourage moved on to South Africa.

I arrived in Capetown about a week ago and I finally found my spot in this amazing mountain-ocean-downtown-uptown-whatever city. The first week I had to fight the army of SAA baggage loss department though. I was a dirty and merciless battle. Me and the Entourage were constantly telephone terroring, while the evil force of SAA stroke back with all the might of ingnoring and redirecting. Finally, the status quo of mutual distaste was broken in an almost romantic moment of finding my stuff in Johannesburg. Besides that I already got the chance to meet some stunning - oftentimes interesting - people along the way. There is e.g. "Greek the fasihon geek", who made me feel very welcomed quite quickly. While doing so he pulls of amazing landscape photographiy , which you can admire on his website: http://www.nikolasmichael.com . Furthermore, I inspected the endless possibilities of how you can spent your time in this town an I was stunned by all the variety of chioces. You like nightlife? Lets go! Super fierce montain running? Lets go! Oldtimer racing? Lets got! The list doesnt stop... My only person dislike is the flatspell, which is ruining the surf at the moment. I was out already, but the only thing I got were frozen feet and a petrol bill for 100 Rand. Hopefully, that is going to change soon, but as always I am quite optimistic.
The pictures I took are all more or less from my walk up Lions Head and I hope you enjoy!

YOur Entourage

Mittwoch, 3. November 2010

"A good things have to come to an end" - I am positive thats a big fat lie

hey folks,
peolpe told me I am getting lazy, so I am going to do my last post of this amazing adventure through Asia.

This will be a mix between my last week in Sri Lanka and my few days in Kuala Lumpur. I hope you enjoy it very much.

Sri Lanka:
For a few days I wandered around in the mystical mountains of magical Sri Lanka. My greatest victory was the climb up "Sri Pada" / 2500 meters above sea level all by myself and in the middle of the night. On top of it there is a footprint of Adam when he was thrown out of pradise and sort of dropped down to earth (There is a Buddah version, too). Unfortunatly, I could not see it as the sacred palce had been shut down for off season. Actually, everything had been shut down in this area so I had to fight a big dog and a - even more vicious - storm all by myself until a security guard found me shivering next to the temple's steps - in save distance to the massive, flesh tearing killer dog. The last days I spent down at Mirissa, where I got some nice waves and visited many dancing festivals with Suraj - my close local friend - at whose house I could come and go as I wanted. In his company I sort os had a VIP/Backstage status and could take some of the pictures you can see above. I had an absolutely stunning time in Sri Lanka and will miss it a lot, I think. (First picture: sepia dancer's shoulder)

Kuala Lumpur:

Stayed there overnight in a old cinema/hostel and got hooked by the vibrant city flair. Check out those few pictures I took to get an impression of gypsy life in one of the most travlled cities of the world. (Start: First picture)

Now, I am back at the Jakarta airport and will hopefully touch german soil by tomorrow morning.

Whats next? I think, I have heard roumors about a already booked ticket to the very south of Africa... ;-)



Donnerstag, 14. Oktober 2010

The Colour of Curry

its been a long time since I got the chance to upload some pictures. I changed the country and I sort of changed in some other ways, too. To be quite honest, I didnt like Sri Lanka the time I arrived in Hikkaduwa. Everywhere those rip off dudes and no local language knowledge on my side, no surf and all alone. As far as it gets to research in my case (no idea about nothing), I looked up an intersting buddhist monestary, while I had still been in Indo. In the description it said that there have been a few foreingers visiting, but only a handful of people have ever been allowed to take residence on the little island on the lake in the south of Sri Lanka. That – of course – sounded just like the challenge I wanted to take. Long speech short, I spent an amazing time in this place and come to love Sri Lanka over all possible scales. I really got deep down into thinking and finally I decided to move on in the mission of love (I know it sounds absolutely rediculious). Said that I got back on the road and suddenly I heard some strange noises. The shopkeeper told me to take the stairs up, where I found myself in the middle of a 50 – headed local dance crew. Luckily, I got friends with one of the drummers and he took me to many places, where most of the pictures were taken. Pretty cool, open - minded and generous guy with a matching family. Nevertheless, I was still feeling a little bit restless and chance showed me the way to Ella. This village in the middle of Sri Lanka boats with its phenomenal mountain landscape. Wandering around through beautiful nature I met a few great peolpe, who you can admire in the pictures above.

To end this – already way to long – report: No surf + Buddhist monk power + Welcoming and interesting people + absolutely mountain quietness and awesome sunsets = The colour of curry

See you soon my friends,

The Lovetourage