Donnerstag, 14. Oktober 2010

The Colour of Curry

its been a long time since I got the chance to upload some pictures. I changed the country and I sort of changed in some other ways, too. To be quite honest, I didnt like Sri Lanka the time I arrived in Hikkaduwa. Everywhere those rip off dudes and no local language knowledge on my side, no surf and all alone. As far as it gets to research in my case (no idea about nothing), I looked up an intersting buddhist monestary, while I had still been in Indo. In the description it said that there have been a few foreingers visiting, but only a handful of people have ever been allowed to take residence on the little island on the lake in the south of Sri Lanka. That – of course – sounded just like the challenge I wanted to take. Long speech short, I spent an amazing time in this place and come to love Sri Lanka over all possible scales. I really got deep down into thinking and finally I decided to move on in the mission of love (I know it sounds absolutely rediculious). Said that I got back on the road and suddenly I heard some strange noises. The shopkeeper told me to take the stairs up, where I found myself in the middle of a 50 – headed local dance crew. Luckily, I got friends with one of the drummers and he took me to many places, where most of the pictures were taken. Pretty cool, open - minded and generous guy with a matching family. Nevertheless, I was still feeling a little bit restless and chance showed me the way to Ella. This village in the middle of Sri Lanka boats with its phenomenal mountain landscape. Wandering around through beautiful nature I met a few great peolpe, who you can admire in the pictures above.

To end this – already way to long – report: No surf + Buddhist monk power + Welcoming and interesting people + absolutely mountain quietness and awesome sunsets = The colour of curry

See you soon my friends,

The Lovetourage

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