Mittwoch, 3. November 2010

"A good things have to come to an end" - I am positive thats a big fat lie

hey folks,
peolpe told me I am getting lazy, so I am going to do my last post of this amazing adventure through Asia.

This will be a mix between my last week in Sri Lanka and my few days in Kuala Lumpur. I hope you enjoy it very much.

Sri Lanka:
For a few days I wandered around in the mystical mountains of magical Sri Lanka. My greatest victory was the climb up "Sri Pada" / 2500 meters above sea level all by myself and in the middle of the night. On top of it there is a footprint of Adam when he was thrown out of pradise and sort of dropped down to earth (There is a Buddah version, too). Unfortunatly, I could not see it as the sacred palce had been shut down for off season. Actually, everything had been shut down in this area so I had to fight a big dog and a - even more vicious - storm all by myself until a security guard found me shivering next to the temple's steps - in save distance to the massive, flesh tearing killer dog. The last days I spent down at Mirissa, where I got some nice waves and visited many dancing festivals with Suraj - my close local friend - at whose house I could come and go as I wanted. In his company I sort os had a VIP/Backstage status and could take some of the pictures you can see above. I had an absolutely stunning time in Sri Lanka and will miss it a lot, I think. (First picture: sepia dancer's shoulder)

Kuala Lumpur:

Stayed there overnight in a old cinema/hostel and got hooked by the vibrant city flair. Check out those few pictures I took to get an impression of gypsy life in one of the most travlled cities of the world. (Start: First picture)

Now, I am back at the Jakarta airport and will hopefully touch german soil by tomorrow morning.

Whats next? I think, I have heard roumors about a already booked ticket to the very south of Africa... ;-)



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  1. i am suraj.i am really happy abiut your nice job.thank you for posted my photo on your blog.ok..........