Samstag, 18. Dezember 2010

City of Seals

The Entourage moved on to South Africa.

I arrived in Capetown about a week ago and I finally found my spot in this amazing mountain-ocean-downtown-uptown-whatever city. The first week I had to fight the army of SAA baggage loss department though. I was a dirty and merciless battle. Me and the Entourage were constantly telephone terroring, while the evil force of SAA stroke back with all the might of ingnoring and redirecting. Finally, the status quo of mutual distaste was broken in an almost romantic moment of finding my stuff in Johannesburg. Besides that I already got the chance to meet some stunning - oftentimes interesting - people along the way. There is e.g. "Greek the fasihon geek", who made me feel very welcomed quite quickly. While doing so he pulls of amazing landscape photographiy , which you can admire on his website: . Furthermore, I inspected the endless possibilities of how you can spent your time in this town an I was stunned by all the variety of chioces. You like nightlife? Lets go! Super fierce montain running? Lets go! Oldtimer racing? Lets got! The list doesnt stop... My only person dislike is the flatspell, which is ruining the surf at the moment. I was out already, but the only thing I got were frozen feet and a petrol bill for 100 Rand. Hopefully, that is going to change soon, but as always I am quite optimistic.
The pictures I took are all more or less from my walk up Lions Head and I hope you enjoy!

YOur Entourage

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