Dienstag, 28. Dezember 2010

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this week not too many pictures, as I was unable to walk around that much. Being a super hot ninja, I ran down Lion's Head with an approximate average speed of 11 km/h + bragging extra of 5km/h and jumped - right heel first - on one fuzzing vicious rock. Therefore, I had to take it a little easy. Nevertheless, luck stuck to me as I burned my nose with a cigarette, crashed with a bike rider and met my friend the great white shark. Especially the last encounter was very exciting, but freaking scary, too. The great hunter sort of said hello while I was surfing out at Nordhoek the other morning. I was a little confused by such a big dolphin until me and a surferess saw him again - about 25 meter off our yummy legs. It took me about 20 minutes watching the other guys still surfing some of the most awesome waves ever until I got back into the roaring sea.

On Christmas, I was invited to some really nice peolpe, who own a the winw estate "Meerlust" in Stellenbosch. It was an extremly pleasant night, which was followed by an extremly unpleasant hangover.

So poeple keep it up and wish me luck for me application for the Underwater Scholarship Society Scholarship 2011. The guys at the office have hopefully received my stuff by now!

Keep it danger,

The Entourage

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    THIS one. Awesomeness. Great picture, amusing text.:-)