Montag, 3. Januar 2011

You have to risk it, to win the buiscuit

I wake up and it's unusually cool. My body feels lump and my head aches. No water bottle close by, so I take the uncoordinated walk aimed for the kitchen. After a few exhauting moments of zick zack navigation, I realise that a new year has just begun. My memories of the last night are still blurry and the heavy rain outside surprises me. I am still in Africa, right? Someone told me that rain on the first day of the year is a very good omen for the period of the next 365x24 hours. At leat in South Africa... It hasnt been raining for a month.. maybe longer. Just 2 days ago the whole of Signal Mountain – which is in the centre/centre/centre of Capetown – was on fire. I put up these pictures to get you an idea of the surreal atmosphere. Helicopters everywhere, daring firemen risking their lives and airplanes dropping huge waterbombs just around the block. I felt like some superhero nature catastrophe journalist chasing the fire together with Nik, his beautiful racing car and our two ninja cameras. It was quite funny to see that everybody else wasnt that impressed at all. Actually, I think most of the Capetownians were probably taking the piss out of the german and greek wanna-be power ranger, all geared up and excited about the „little bonfire“ in the midst of the city. After a sip of water, I feel much better, which comes in handy, because there is a lot to tidy up. Ahhh, I remember now... We had a BBQ! Krisha and Alejandro finally arrived in Cape Town! A New Year, new stuff to explore and many more people to meet and meet again.
All the best to all of you guys! May the possibility to choose be with you!

You have to risk it to get the buiscuit!


The Entourage

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