Donnerstag, 3. Februar 2011

living in the now is a gift - that is why they call it present

Hello everyone,
I was a bad boy and didnt write a blog for some weeks, but now you'll get the whole package. While travelling through countries I always felt like on some long distance flight. The take off is exciting and fast. New peolpe next to you, who are going to the same destination but have differnt expectations, or the same or none or just babble you into sleep. The stewardess serves you some "exotic" jus and in some tiny can. All is new to you, but still you try to compare everything to the stuff at home. You check your "free stuff" - wow cool little tooth brush! - even headphones and - amazing - some tiny pastic socks to keep me warm while I am on board. You switch on the entertainment and watch one movie after another - just like traveling from one place to another. Every movie is differnt - you can change experiences at your will. But sooner or later you get bored, your back hurts, you are not excited by the small tiny coca cola bottles anymore. you want more and that is when you concentrate and slowly calm down and relax. you look closely at the interior of the airplane, you look at the guy sitting next to you. you search for - and find - the little unique things, which will make your travel and all your stories you are going to tell someday unique. you feel excited again, but on a way more introverted level. when the plane finally lands it is the same when you come back home from one of your long travels. the first step out is the hardest... you start comparing vice versa now. why is the coca cola can so big in my country. did it always used to be like this?

With love,

The Entourage

PS: The pictures above are a mix of experiences with my brothers in mind - Alejandro and Krisha. We visited the townships in Hout Bay and ran into another bushfire which blocked the road home for hours. the paintings are made by me and are just some start of a new approch towards documentation. Furthermore, you'll find a picture of Nik, who is a cool friend and photographer. I hope to learn some skills from him. Check out his website, if you love landscape photography

I hope you will like the stuff!

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