Samstag, 26. Februar 2011

Cultural culture

Hello again,

me and the Entourage felt some cultural needs so we decided to visit Robben Island on a nice sun shiny day. What seemed to be quite a promotional trip for excitement seeking old, grumpy world inhabitants turned into an amazing, mentaly challenging racecourse through southafrican history. A young guy about 21 years of age was able to set new horzions in questions of self awareness of racial prejudices we all still carry deep inside of us. Even though I have travelled many countires of the world and thougth of myself as "colourblind", I realized that I have to be more careful with my thoughts in annoying everyday situations. The whole group was then handed over to an ex-prisoner of Robben Island, who showed us around the high security prison and even Nelson Mandela's personal cell. The ex-prisoner currently lives on Robben Island again - next to one of his former guards. If that is not a step towards "understanding and forgiveness", I dont know.

Next off, parts of the Entourage travelled to the crystal pools of Gordon's Bay. The adventurous hike takes about an hour, if you trust a female with the navigation... The pools offer jumps from 3 to 18 meters into pitch-black dark water. None of us jumped;-)

And just now – like 10 min ago – I came back from the „Kaptika“ exhibition in Woodstock. The artist actually comes from Berlin, Germany, but was invited here for some sort of exchange programme, which is organized by those other arts people that... bla bla bla. Anyhow these guys have a website and more importantly an amazing drive to change their dull environment into a more inspiring and beautiful place.

We are all taking off to their afterparty now!

Have beautiful night and even more beutiful days following!

The Entourage

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