Montag, 28. März 2011

sunshine in the north

Hallo everybody,

I am writing these lines from the very north of Germany. The city I am staying in is famous for its bad weather, awesome fish, legendary curry wurst and its bad weather. Seriously now, the weather is really pretty "dark", but Hamburg itself wins over with its charming old-school architecture, the Alster - a river - and, of course, the closeness to the Northern sea, where once in a while some nice waves have been heard of rolling on the bitterly cold and windy shores.

It is a new experience for me to explore my homecountry's big cities as Hamburg or Berlin, as I have been always eager to get away away and away in the past years as you can see I my recent blogposts.

So far Hamburg has been quite a surprise! The waether is absolutely stunning and even though some folks might call the Hamburgers "reserved peolpe", I managed to get in colse contact with the locals fairly easy. At this point, I want to thank Jakob - my buddy from the Indo 2010 trip - and his roomate Justus for hosting me nearly two weeks. At the moment I live in a little "castle" at Münzplatz as you can see in the pictures.

As the best to all of you,

The Entourage

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