Freitag, 8. April 2011

Soulfood or When the Master becomes the Student

You wake up one morning and realize: you have been run over by a train. It's getting even worse, when you also realize that this same train had been honking and making noise for quite a while before it finally hit you with such a surprising and devestating impact. You could have seen it from many kilometers away, but all along you believed that you have been sitting in this same train and you would be perfectly safe. But what you didnt get was your fall off the train some time ago, while you were fast asleep. You slept so immensely thight that you didnt feel all the rocks and trees breaking your bones whilst rolling down the hill after you had fallen out the last wagon of that same train. So, when you wake up at the bottom of the hill and see that same train is approching you from the distance, you are even ignorant enough to yell out its name in delight. You lift your broken arm to embrace it. It would never occur to you that you have fallen off the night before. But you cant move. The fall has broken all you bones and your outcry of love is nothing more then a whisper - unheard to that same train, which now moves at its own speed having a new conductor since a while ago. The moment before it hits you, you might realize your faulities, but the headlights of that same train are just to bright for you to see it clearly. All the same, the train has accepted its new course and speed, but its breakes dont work properly yet as breaking is more compilcated and difficult than accelerating. After the hit you might feel dead or whatever. That same train might have felt a bump at the bottom of the hill. It might feel sad, too. You still cant move. You always thought that ghosts are able to fly and move freely, but you cant move.

I saw the picture of the beautiful girl [above] at the Triennale of Photography in Hamburg. Out of all pictures I have seen around there this is the only one I had to take a photo of, which doesnt do justice to its beauty to be quite frank. The photographer's name is Thomas Schweigert – from Hamburg, Germany - and his website is called He took this photo for a story about two peolpe living in a long distance relationship. The longing and love, the memory and hurt. So many differnt layers of emotion... so much inability to move. But why?

Have a good time my friends,
The Entourage

„If you – for example – come by at four o'clock in the afternoon, I can already start feeling happy at three o'clock.“ [the fox]

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