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Greetings from the other side of the fence – This is not a holiday

Greetings from the other side of the fence – This is not a holiday

“Sometimes all life takes is only a little bit of bravery.” – Terrence McKenna

This famous ethnobotanist got it down to a “courageous” approach towards the new, when he embarked on his psychodelic, out of the mind journeys, in order to “download” a new operating system for his very own being. Why would someone want to “clean his sheet”, risk eternal psychosis and be an outcast of modern society? Because he thought it necessary to explore reality in order to live truly. It was not enough for him to obey and be restricted. He needed to be the change he wanted to see in life. He wanted to be human.

But no plant or synthetic agent is needed, nor money or another career, to explore the familiar material and mental plane from a very different angle. Sometimes, in order to find something new, only the old has to be let go off. Open your hand and the world will rest in your palm, form a fist and you'll hold on to nothing. In many cases around the developed countries, this is to stop thinking about work and weekend/holiday time and start living as if all that you are doing is your true work for which you'll get paid for in many ways. The money required for the life you are to life, the love to love again, the resistances to grow as a sound person. In more rural places, people have either figured that out all along, or they are challenged to free themselves of the illusionist dreams of a “western” life. Mama Nature; someone, who serves what is needed. Something not delivered in a box to a box, to be eaten out of a box for 2,99 $. Nobody wants to blame the box, though. The rectangle seems to be the symbol of the 21st century. Edges and straight lines. Seductive Geometry, the Golden CUT.

But what is there, if one chooses to leave all these paved walkways and dogmas of “what to do” behind?

Seriously now - no kiddin' - is there a life without all the “they”s and “me”s, the city and the backcountry, without the constant auto reactive urge to fragment time spent in given and received? Is there a “better” place? “Better” people? pfffff…. What is behind the obvious?! Something just as obvious?

Let's find out – alone, but together. Let's challenge ourselves by stopping to function a mathematical equations. Let's allow caring and to be cared for. There are no borders, but in our minds.

With love,
The Entourage

Again, I would like to encourage people to send written evidence of their fragments of the kaleidoscopic human experience. Something only you could have written. Favorably short stories, as it is hard for me to combine poems, without interfering too much.

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