Sonntag, 15. Juni 2014

July it is

A rock -e – fell - er on the 13th,
the plane disappeared at Maine.
another kid was shot in Fortaleza.
Holland defeats England,
while the kaleidoscope keeps spinning
in solar flares.

For the next months I would love to collect abstract or personal narratives/short stories from you friends, which I'd like to share on the blog to magnify our visions to each another, so we can show how the heart ticks on the other side of the world. Stuff we have to tell each other. Artisticly, a thought or a documentation about your feel of it. A story from your childhood, a picture you made at night. Your music, your vibe. July it is. Lets have fun, you magic ones.

Most of you got my email I am sure, but here for the contact:

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