Sonntag, 7. August 2011

Breathe in – breathe out

Breathe in – breathe out

Wondering, if „level three“ labeled on the rusty fan can really be level three, feeling the way too tender wind blowing continuously around my head. The heat of the sunny days makes us live in the mornings and evenings. We quickly understood, why the Mexicans were the first ones, who offically invented the”siesta”. Having survived a pretty bad food poisoning, which inflicted the whole Entourage, everyone now smiles the most brilliant smiles as we continue on living the Mexican dream. The surf had been picking up over the last few days and we felt and still feel stoked to rip the long, mellow waves of Nexpa Point. Our third team member though – Rofonso, our VW Beetle – seems to get more and more impatient as the slow week in Nexpa leaves him and his transportation skills sort of aside. Therefore, our journey to the south will be continued tomorrow. There are still over 1000 km to go until we will hopefully reach the mysterious beaches of Salina Cruz. But, we are in no haste at all. There is one more month to go and and we never ought to forget: Only travel as fast as your soul can do.

All the best to you and all the loving people around the world,

your Entourage

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