Montag, 1. August 2011

Maybe I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one

Maybe I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one

Hey hallo folks,

the Entourgae is dream-living again! This time it is the country of all countries in means of getting away – escaping – or surfing, sleeping, eating only: Mexico. [Pacific coast, Mainland]

Just getting there was a nice experience. One of the members of the Entourage – Steven – is a little bit of a „Schwabe“ as we say in Germany, which means that - in order to get the cheapest possible flight - I had to get from Munich to Brussels first, to meet him there. I flew one day early to do „the parachute“, a very risky method to find a sleeping spot. Basically, you just turn up in a new city, hit the bars with all your stuff and hope that somebody might have the heart to offer you a couch for the night. This time though, „the parachute“ was completely unnecessary! As I exited the train station of Brussels Central, I saw a funny looking Japanese – basker – dude, who had leaves painted all over his face. I went over to ask him for some budget accomodations, but he just smiled and told me to come along. So I did and to make a long story short, I spent my night for free in the „123 squad“ in Brussels, which is an „legally“ occupied house where 65 people live all together as they wish and feel like [the pictures of me and the bed are taken in that 123 squad place]. I felt so lucky and blessed being offered a bed, food and wierd conversations in „EngFrenchSpanish“ with a whole bunch of free spirits.

The next day, the Entourage took the flight to Mex City, where we had already checked out a couch through Rodrigo and his huge Pitbull and Jack Terrier welcomed us happily into their apartement and even drove us to the bus stop, where a bus took us all the way to Guadalaraja. With a good feeling from Mex City, we were welcomed by Alfonso, who I met in Indonesia last year. This guy was so amazing over the next few days – it is sheer unbelieveable! He showed us his city, helped us to by our 1983 old VW Beetle ;-) and even painted it. Besides that Alfonso and his family offered us their house for 4 nights and made us feel like part of a proper Mexican family. I cant thank Alfonso, Rodrigo and all the other guys enough and maybe some people wont understand until they lived it through themselves at least once, how very much helpful it is, if somebody welcomes you into a foreign country like that. To all the guys, who like the painting on our car, please check: for more artwork of Alfonso, a very talented sort of guy when it comes to everything to do with creativity.

This whole report is getting quite long, so I'll do a little bit of sumarizing:

  1. 1983 VW Beetle – bought – next day told that we were crazy having bought that – fixed all in one day – got a perfect car, which kept being our friend for over 500ks so far - and his name is "Rofonso" in thanks to our friends Alfonso and Rodrigo!

  2. The mission to buy boards – failed immensely – sitting here with one broken one, because we were too cheap to spent more than 70 Euros – some things you'll never learn

  3. The surf – AMAZING – in La Ticla at the moment – very mellow atmosphere

We really wish you all the best for the summer and hope you are going to have a lot of laughs, loving moments and living experiences,

your Entourage and Alfonso and his friends, who are awesome enough to visit us for a few days here in La Ticla. And guess what: they have brought some boards with them ;-) Angels

PS: This blog was supposed to be in the internet three days ago. Now we are already in Neixpa, a city 3 hours south of La Ticla ;-)

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