Dienstag, 20. September 2011


Paint your life

A boy I sits in the subway and is pretty sad. His princess had just told him that she loves somebody, but not him. He is sad, because he had loved the girl pretty, very much. While he is sitting in the train and thinking about all of his dull, dull sadness, he doesn't seem to notice the mid 40s undercover train ticket detective advancing on him. Many peolpe, who have jobs like this certain ticket detective – jobs, which involve temporary power over other peolpe - always seems to pick on the saddest peolpe first. They act on that scheme to scare off the happier peolpe from forgetting to buy their tickets while being in bliss, because these happier peolpe will then never forget to buy a ticket to not end up like one of the sad people, who are being controlled all the time. Quite confusing. So, it happens that the ticket detective questions the sad boy about the whereabouts of his valid train ticket. The sad boy didn't buy a ticket, because he had been so sad and – therefore - gets fined.

An hour later, as the sad boy unlocks the door to his appartement, he ponders about feelings and tickets. Not buying a ticket all the time sort of seems to make sense, because – in the long term – you might save more money by saving the money on all those single tickets and being fined only every once in a while. On the other hand side, if you buy a ticket all the time, the detectives can never catch you without a ticket and, therefore, not fine you ever. Quite a headache. Is it not the same with feelings? Is it not better to resist in investing in feelings at all, so you can never, ever get caught by some princess, who loves somebody else - or is life a better place, if you feel all the time, but steadily and continously pay the price for all your light-heartness?

Life is good! And respect to all those, who read the story – it confused myself;-)

The last week, the Entourage has visited Bremen, Nürnberg, München and Berlin. Quite a hustle, but a lot of exquisite experiences, nevertheless! My personal favourite was the „Kulturpanzer“ or „culutre tank“, which was a project by the separatisten.org to bring culture to the streets. Basically, there was some collective of some dudes with a „bike-piano-beamer“ „shooting“ a short movie at Munich's old town bulidings, meanwhile playing live on the piano. I was very proud as I looked at the credits in the end of that movie and saw that the whole project was sponsored by my hometown itself. Respect Munich! You are growing up to be quite an avantgarde metropole;-)

A lot of love to everybody!

Your Entourage

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