Samstag, 4. September 2010

Hitting the secret garden

Sitting here and swwwwwweating! We finally made it to Sumatra. It was quite a long trip. First we took a plane from Bali to Jakarta. We slept at the airport between all the other locals and took the morning flight to Sumatra. Just having arrived we had to race through Bandar Lampung to get out bus ride, which took us eight hours along sumatrian "roads". It was antoher 30 min and some nice meetings with people along the way and we finally arrived at our secret spot deep down the sumatrian coast. It is absolutely beautiful here, although there are a few more tourists than three years ago... Whatsoever we enjoy every minute and get as many waves as possible.

PS: Taking a look at the "public toilet", who of you girls wanted to come along the trip;-)?

Peace and out. Hope to be able to upload more stuff soon!

The Entourage

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