Donnerstag, 30. September 2010

Backyards of Indonesia

Ibu Lena

As I mentioned in my last report, we had a very nice way up back to Bandar Lampung. Actually we met a cool lady in the secret garden, who had studied in Germany 20 years ago and wanted to get back into the german language (she is in the first picture). Basically we went to all those crazy places with her, drank egg-tea and some other vicious looking tea, jumped on elephants, were the main attraction on the local markets, got nearly sold to a muslim family, who searched for some nice husbands for their kids and finally were offered buisness opportunities to become the biggest sellers for zibet coffee in Germany. It was all very enlightening and we had a truck full of fun. The next posts could take a while as I am back in Balangan now and wont be on the camera to much. Nevertheless, the future looks promising as I am going to fly over to Sri Lanka in about a week.

Have fun at the octoberfest or any other place you might be.

best greeting

the 1 man entourage

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