Freitag, 17. September 2010

Into the Wild

Into the Wild.
As I told you, we were about to do a little explorign in the south and these photos are what came around. It was really nice, very remote and a healthy change of the daily surf-eat-sleep routine. We camped at various beaches under some piece of plastic "tarp", met up with various "mayors" of the various villages and killed our motorbikes multiple times, trying to cross some treacherous rivers. We are back now and enlarged our group by two Australians. Next days will be full on surf again as we will be hit by some decent swell.
So far so good,
Have a nice day and hopefully enjoy these pictures (I am particulary proud that I didnt do ANY retouch on the photos ;-), not even the sunset ones).

Your Entourage

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  1. i loved tha sunset one.. when the sky is all full of colors, it's my fav time!