Mittwoch, 22. Mai 2013

Two important findings

Over the last few days, I realized two findings:

  1. A multinational company is just about to erase nature's variety of life forms from this planet by irresponsibly (no independent, scientific control platforms) interfering with the DNA of our food – is it vegetable, cow, chicken, or fruit – and in doing so neither being monitored nor regulated by various governments worldwide. This company is called Monsanto and operates globally, being operated from the US. These resulting - Gene Modified - Organisms (GMOs) and their distribution are banned in some countries including Germany, but pressure is growing on European governments and on EU level to grant Monsanto and its health endangering products entry on European soil, planet Earth's soil, to eventually do what? Give us a happier future with more control over what we eat, when we do so and how we will look after 20 years of consuming untested, proven to be harmful foods in this nontransparent style of a grand scale long term attempt to execute dominance over the basic needs and everyday, necessary nutrition over all human, plant and animal beings. Unlimited poison for everyone? Worldwide demonstrations will be taking place in your – yes, also your – respective city this saturday the 25th of May 2013 at 2pm. Check:
    The Hamburg demonstration will be at the Town Hall at 2pm.
  2. Second: In course of the last 70 what years, Tibet, a country almost as large as Western Europe, and it's population, has been fallen victim to the Chinese plan for expansion of the “motherland” to provide additional room for an overpopulated China. At one stage Tibetan land had been closed of for 20 years to witness the torture and slaughter in genocidal dimensions – Hitler dimensions, yes Hitler – of its helpless population. I saw a documentary with pictures of such disrespect being displayed towards indigenous people and their lifestyle that I could not believe my eyes. The trailer is a bit tacky, but I am posting it anyways: “Tibet – Cry of the Snow Lion"
    Make sure to watch the full length movie and realize that right now this pain is happening.
    This is what these guys on the street in your shopping districts are waving their beautiful flags for.

Why the information? Both these problems have been known the world since more than 70 years and grew in their intensity form day to day. This is not yesterday's news – it is getting worse.

I just truly got the hunch of this reality now and manged to forget about myself for a minute. I do not say you will, too, or what I came to know is the only evil to be transcended in the world, but it is a beginning towards being more conscious, strong and open-minded human beings with a feel for the imminent reality and our existing capabilities to interfere positively on a global level through global organization and global unity, showing global resistance against the global manifestations of our individual fears and committing to an attitude of self - improvement and a strict extermination of the acknowledgement of a fear controlled life and living behavior.

It is truly time to watch what is happening as these times are no different than Hitler times – except we have the Internet and therefore information (still..) and people need to act on a personal level with their own pile of conditioned ego shit first, to then contribute to a mutual, worldwide attempt to provide new growing and living alternatives for children, elderly, adults, black, white, stupid and wise - humans - animals and plants. Not a new government, religion or trend is meant not needed but a compassionate, balanced and aware approach towards oneself's direction of life, to serve others find to their peace, too.

Until this moment of realization, until now and forever, compassion for ourselves and others shall be the the sole measure of our true greatness - Forgiving that the mind/ego gets triggered constantly by other people's behavior reflecting on in-house insecurities, which make up these dense, moving layers of ignorance around the true and loving Self, forgiving about old quarrels over conflicting national, ethnic or religious points of views, being aware about one's own doings and thinking, aspiring to become a better man or woman.

All the love,

The Entourage

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