Sonntag, 2. Juni 2013

My foolish heart

Dear ones,

like every year, I visited the World Press Awards in Hamburg and was confronted with many pictures of the various the war and protest zones around the world (The nature and sport section was not really present). Especially, Syria and Israel headlined this year's photojournalism. I don't know what to say in these times, which could prove to be our doom or bloom. I am torn between action and hiding. Everyday,  I try to get myself informed, a bit more. It is not easy to keep your head "clean" and open with all these vast amounts of information floating the net. Tibet, Turkey, Israel, Syria, GMO, Nazis, Pollution, Death, Education, Statdtratwahl, Demonstration, Money, Love, Art project, Meditation, Compassion, Music, Rape, Religion, Hope, Despair. My body says, "Rest" and I feel like I just want to escape from all the action, which HAS to be taken. HAS to? I feel helpless almost impotent to either hide or take action. I am powerful, but I do not know how to progress in applying myself to this outside world, which is a moral mix of saintly and monsterous belief systems. What to do or not to do? Who am I? A saint or a monster? Who do I want to be? I feel unable to know from a place of certainty and that makes me see the days go by.

My despair is equalled by moments of insight. I see people "fighting peacefully" and feel as if someone is slowly detaching the "1st world happy" tube from my arm. Brave New World. The Big Brother of "1984" is in full control rage with the world and coexists with Endrophine - blinded  "guys with the cash". Masters turn within to consult themselves. Big candles light smaller ones. Light and Fire.

Only one thing seems to have changed noticeably: There are people, who do get active and I feel I want to improve, too, to contribute, to try, to change. Myself.

All the love,

The Entourage

Last picture by me. All other images copyrighted to the respective photographers.

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