Dienstag, 23. April 2013

the Aftermath of 2012


Astonishing news regarding the 2012 Shift of Consciousness reached the Entourage Pineal Headquarters throughout the first months of 2013:

An abnormal number of happy people found themselves mates to bond intimate love relationships with, and practice the art of self purification by mindful behavior and excessive, loving, physical attention directed at each other. Intra-relational complications might have been noticed as a byproduct of awesome progress and ego slaughter.

The doors of self perception have finally been “cleansed” by concious mass approval and intended avoidance of material boredom.

Artist's are suddenly not dying on every street corner anymore, but flowering like mysosotis' in the early European sunbeams, which joyfully announce a summer of inward and outward abundance. It is, now, time to decide what sort of a human being one wants to represent this year. A storyteller, maybe? A saxophonist? A millionaire? The choice is limited only by the individual and its bank account.

Received with utter disbelief by the confused world population, the int. Minister of Reason – Eris Discordia - declared the obvious by relating the compulsive hoarding of money with unintelligence concerning an anticipation of such actions towards an improvement of one's real “life” conditions.Serendipitously, Rainbow - and “free land” people were happy to present an alternative to the money lifestyle. You can find information easily.

Various human beings have experienced drastic, physical changes in their reality, lately. Some speci-wo-man found themselves inhabiting new bodies, which were suddenly capable of wholesome exercise and an natural willingness to work for the individual and not against it. A remarkable amount of presentees are actually considering to use their physical vessels in means to prepare for deep mediation and to solve the wicked question of “who they really are”!

Last Sunday (exactly five months after the great Shift of Conciousness), thousands of people gathered around this world to meditate and sing in synchronicity. ““Berlin” met at 3pm in the Mauerpark and the magic just happened. I still can't believe it.”, says Waldo (31yrs), who is evidently shaken by the power of current events.

The Intergalactic Federation of Go(o)dwill stated the following comment:

“22/04/2013, House of Humans; “We, the Intergalactic Federation of Go(o)dwill congratulate whole heartly to all of human mankind for courageously embracing the steps towards a better version of themselves. We decided to shoot some of these evil mind-control satellites to help contribute towards a brighter future.”

All towards ONE,

The Entourage

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