Mittwoch, 27. März 2013

What can be expected?

What can be expected?

On what terms can our actions and intentions be evaluated, feedbacked upon and put in relation by ourselves, others and quite possibly before an omnipresent God, who is not interested in “what ifs” and “maybe nots”.

Isn't it only that which we know that can be transformed into true, integrated knowledge and therefore be revealed as a tool of our true self? But who knows it all? Not me, for sure. So, on which conditions can I perceive myself as a good or bad man? On mine. Who sets this frame self perception and and outward reflection to be taken in by others and ultimately by the universal plan of a time wise one directional, dually understood universe? Me. It is my own horizon, which sets the rules for this intense flow of input and output. My own responsibility. And what happens, if I expand? Who decides that I can and should expand? Me. Could that possibly be a sense of life? To strive for the more expansive version of yourself? A “better” version?

I met this wonderful man Martin in South Africa. He fled the Apartheid Regime in the 80s to live in Paris as a political refugee for the following 11 years. After Mandela made the shift in Africa's south, Martin returned to participate in the healing process with those, who didn't make to choice to say “No” to the military at these darker times. Young men, just out of school, soldiers for their country in five simultaneous wars fought throughout the Apartheid. Two years of training, and combat later, these kids were put back into society without any emotional consultation or other help. These guys are still around. You see them surfing big waves on old boards in Kommetije. They are in their 50s. Apartheid wasn't that long ago. Suffering, expanding, seeing, healing.

Expand yourself. Your true self. The one, who watches ;-)

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