Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2013


Twinkle, twinkle

Sometimes one of the two or more available options seems to be a little lighter, brighter, a bit more inviting. Moments of choice like these might actually change one's life. Forevermore!

A path to the left, a path to the right; both lead up a steep hill and nevertheless which one will be taken, in the end the two of them will demand commitment and courage. The mind kicks in and starts evaluating. Which one to take? Which physical landmarks can be used as references for the process of immediate decision making? Everything outwardly hearable, tastable, touchable... will be taken into consideration. Stress hormones are flooding the body, vision focuses, unfocuses... the heart is beating, but... has it been listened to? The heart. Pumping blood, but being out of the prisoner's reach of control, the heart remains more mysterious than the multiple dimensions of the universe or the dark abysses of Mother Ocean. Listen to your heart. A well known saying. Who can truely say that there is much more to be heard than an almost distant “thumb... thumb... thumb”. I can, and finally for good. After weeks of trying to listen for noises, the heart is finally talking. It's pointing out to lighter, brighter, a bit more inviting spots... It makes decision making less important as the doing becomes more of an observing being. The void is twinkling. Maybe for good.

All the love from the Entourage!

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