Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2013

Babu the stone carver

Babu was a taught in a line of great yoga teachers and is pursuing the craft of stone carving in recent times. In his "free time" he teaches young gypsy kids how to work on the stones, he digs up himself. Babu has a family himself, but in 10 years time, he says, he will set out to the Himalaya for the realization of his samadhi ( realization of self). Luckly, his wife thinks in the same terms and will follow the example. 

In the Hindu religion, life is divided into four stages. In the first stage, one learns and is supported by the society. The second stage, focusses on the own contribution to society, eventually to merge with the third stage, in which one withdraws slowly from the more active participation in every day business. After the children enter stage two, finally, the forth stage can come into perspective. Self realization through complete disconnection from society. Even though one's caste also contributes to the various possible turnings of the individual life, a sadhu baba (holy man) or devi (holy woman) is a casteless being (not to be misconceived as a "untouchable") and not bound to any social rules or conventions.

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