Samstag, 9. Februar 2013

Chop it down!

The guy with the axe is deciding – right now! - to get down to business. No longer will he be standing the sight of his own, undefined Self. Slowly, he Is starting to swing his instrument of spiritual revolution. One chop, two chops. Ten egos later, his soul is feeling lighter. The blisters on his hands are showing him that he had been involved in something... strong. Now, the construct of his superego is looking more to his liking - the axe has done its work. Friends are coming by and are giving the affirmation needed. Piety in his heart, the man is sitting down to rest. A smile is crossing his face, while the monumental statue of his newly designed, replica self is towering behind his back. Validation, beauty and potency. A bird suddenly decides to rest atop the statue's head. Its vivid songs are stirring up the comfortably settled air around the Self's boundaries (as far as the imagination can “see”). Nothing more than a tiny twitch around the man's right eye, no verb - not needed. The bird is starting to move form right to left, enchanted by its own beautiful music. The grip around the man's axe is getting noticeably tighter. Protection the the Self...

The bird is flying off and leaves a dump on the statue's head whilst doing so. The man's axe is cutting through the air, the bird and comes to a abrupt hold - ten centimeters deep and just above the right eyebrow of his own created false self. The bird's blood is flowing down the shaft of the spiritual revolution- the man is in tears ... again.

The guy with the axe is deciding – right now! - to get down to business. No longer ...

The best of luck in all the adventures,


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