Mittwoch, 26. September 2012

Wait... I just saw Jesus

Wait.. I just saw Jesus... many times

I saw Jesus the other day. He was creating a beautiful caffee latte with so much care and skill, it was unbelievable. People formed a big queue to get a taste of love. Just some minutes later he was cruising down main lane on his long board with his long hair floating in the hot summer winds, full power leaning into those asphalt waves, enjoying himself to the maximum. I went home pretty stoked and opened my laptop, just to see Jesus – all dressed in society's robe - talking about stopping Monsanto and freeing farmers all over the world. Afterwards, Jesus came to my home and showed me how to play the guitar. I picked up my flute and suddenly I was Jesus, too.

Jesus is the guy smiling at you, when he hands you your bakery in the morning, the mother, who makes funny noises at her child, the child, who stares at you in amazement, but never is afraid. It's that friend of yours, telling you about how he climbed that mountain with his wonderful girlfriend and his eyes are gleaming with joy. It's your enemy's look in a minute of self questioning and mutual understanding. You are Jesus in those moments of 100% commitment. 
Why would anyone waste their time in searching for the one and only Jesus, if it's only a choice to see him or Buddha, or whoever everywhere and in oneself? Call it Jesus, call it love, call it universe, call it zen, call it point zero, call it all, call it nothing, call it full power or don't call it anything.

It's Jesus times!

All the best for the week!

Your Entourage

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