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an abc
Malinka was only five years old, when she encountered her first - live
and in color - unicorn. After sitting and waiting for a while, the
unicorn still would not come any closer. It kept quite a discreet
distance. Too close to be far away, but too far to be really, really
close. Malinka winked at it, she hissed mysterious sounds, invited the
unicorn with all formalities and even tried some child heart motivated
telepathy. Nothing really worked. The unicorn stood its ground and
only looked. It looked and so did Malinka. Both looked at the other.

Looking soon turned into watching, then observing. The unicorn had a
bluish shimmer running along its powerful legs, its belly promised
health and endurance. The head, which was always slightly tilted,
invited for a dance in another world. Malinka, her fire, fire, fire red
hair softly hugging the continental winds, had to grin from time to
time. The unicorn had this sincere look in its eyes! All too funny! So
many unicorns in so many fairy tales and the only unicorn Malinka would
meet had this sincere character around it. "Life is really like
reading a book backwards, but understanding it upwards", Malinka

In retro perspective, one might claim that Malinka was only a child
with an extraordinary imagination, but Malinka knew better than that.
At that same moment, when Malinka gave her polite farewell to the
unicorn, she decided to meet hers one day. She made herself the
promise never, ever, ever to give up on meeting hers. Hers would not
have that sincere look. It would smile at her and invite her to ride
on its shiny back.

One day after her 33rd birthday, Malinka - a now very sincere
numerologist - decided that more than one three in a row means a new
beginning. Therefore she packed her magic gear and decided to be 22
again -the time when things in life decide, which way they want to
roll down that pyramid of fate.

Australia to Rome, to Bulgara, to India over Greenland and Valalla to
Egypt, Malinka walked happily in her rainbow-coloured shoes, explaining
to butterflies how nice a pocho - self hand bought in Guatemala - can
feel on naked skin, until she met Coco at the Fairy's Healing Pond in

Coco and Malinka were offspring of many, many generations of people
over people, who had been living on this very planet before their
time, many coincidences and cultural background had tinted their very
personalities to have led them to that very point in time, when their
two paths would cross. They exchanged an honest smile and talked about
butterflies. When they parted, they parted - wearing the same pair of
shoes - in different directions, knowing that a family is there to
hold your hands in times, when you are about to make a big, big step
on your very own - to leave the most beautiful footprints, back in the
sands of time.

I send you love sister,


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