Dienstag, 11. September 2012

Another sister

Daniella jumped up and down, all around, screaming at the tops of her lungs: " Kittens are to rule the world!" ."Listen! Listen! Why is nobody listening?", she asked herself and stopped her twisted jumping at once. It was D:E:A:R time. Drop Everything And Relax. Very, very, of an utmost importance kind of time to her. Only in this way could she see her omnipresent moon, which was always slightly crescent inside of her rainbow head. Nobody knew why its was cresent all the time. Not even Daniella knew.

Neither did she care! Quantum physics and Oneness in empty spaces... really? For Daniella only one thing really mattered and that were the good times. She could generate good times out of an old lemon, three spades of palm tree mud and the tiniest tip of a snow leopard's whisker. All those “philocrites” evoked not much philo in her playful head. Why would you search for a key, if the door was unlocked? Love here and love there, sacrificing weird, but omnipresent egos on the way and lighting armies of incense sticks. Her home was with the Rainbow and she had dug it. “Digging something/someone” was her personal definition of an adequate verb for the “good times”. Therefore, her own art form was to dig every single moment. She was a lucky one being able to do that and she knew, but every child knows that “being lucky” is the stepchild of “coincidence” and coincidence is the english translation of the german word “Zufall”, which means “something/someone to fall to something/someone”. This sounded way better and reflected Danienlla's perception of the world mechanisms pretty well. Why would anybody ask “why”, as soon as something good happens to them? “Very inefficient”, she thought by herself, doing the simple maths of: {Certain Number of Moments (CNM)/(Digging Those Moments (DTM) – (Moments Thinking About Why Those Moments Had Happened (MTAWTMHH) + Not Digging The Moments (NDTM)), shorty,                             CNM                    
                  (DTM – (MTAWTMHH + NDTM) equals...

If CNM always stated the same amount of possible moments, Daniella thought it might be fair to call CNM, “1”. “The quotient varies a lot, depending on if I think (think about e.g “why?”) or not dig moments.”, Daniella figured out and soon made the connection. If DTM - … became smaller and smaller like “0”, then 1/0 would be the result of the whole twisted counting. That would mean something like …

Infinity! What the heck!

Infinity was the worst kind of word, Daniella could imagine. It was a word describing Nothing and All at once.

“Yeah, easy! Everyone gets it, but everyone is asking “Why?”, “Why?”, “WHY?” all the time. What does it meeeeean”. I can't figure those questions out, so I don't ask. Those fools!”, Daniella stated angrily at her play barbie doll, which she had picked up in the process of enjoying her previous maths adventure. No! Infinity she would not accept. She swore herself to never let Infinity happen in HER maths! She would dig all the moments! All! Even more, she would dig “extra moments”, like digging your dreams and dream of digging.

Yes, Daniella was digging deep! She dug and dug and dug until she reached a point where she saw the birds flying backwards – still elegant, but backwards – and followed her graceful flight as, finally, with a loud kind of bird laughter, Daniella observed the birds building their nests.

That was new...

Birds fly on and roam the skies. No bird is or ever was the symbol of “home” in any given culture! Or is there one? The rainbow girl decided to find out. She would observe all the birds now and she would dig all the moments doing so.

You might know Daniella. She lives in your head and maybe she is observing YOU at this very moment...

I send you love sister,


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