Mittwoch, 10. Juni 2015

Standing on your own feet

The last of my writings and photos was done just after my home coming to the European Rainbow Gathering in Hungary 2014. At that time, I had travelled for a little more than four years and throughout these four years, I felt I had had always something to write about or photograph. The more I looked around in my universe, the more I wanted to capture moments digitally or later on film, to explain my emotions to others virally and verbally. The time I stopped posting more, was the time when I decided on either going further on my nomad path or once more researching about and experiencing the society I was born in. Like many dreams, which ultimately are bound to come true, I dreamt of either flying higher and higher with other freedom seekers or to grow roots in a place, where I can give back some of the karma, I received on my own, previous travels. Like most wishes, the darker sides are only experienced when the dream comes true.

Eventually, I met a few young german guys at the Rainbow, who were living in Freiburg - funnily enough - the only town, I had considered settling down. Also, I had applied for a Master program in Interdisciplinary Anthropology at the University of Freiburg earlier that summer, just to check my swag.

Instead of going to Brazil or Siberia, I chose to come to Freiburg in October. The city being quite green and small, but still a city with strong consumerism vibes, proved to be a challenge I had long evaded. To be honest, I felt day by day, how my natural forest energies slowly left my body, being consumed by asphalt roads and shiny lights. I lost weight and I lost joy. The nights stretched into days and I only kept my wits together my trusting that all will turn out right in the end. I sought refuge with Merlin, one of the Rainbow kids, I met in Hungary. We decided to look for an house together. Simultaneously, flight tickets prices to Brazil went down low. After only one month and against all “german” odds we had our house and moved in on the 28th of December with five other beings.

Now, it is June – five months later and I am still here. Alive and living in a place, which offers rest and abundance to many other travelers from all over the world. My lifestyle has changed and so has my mode of learning and self reflection. I was not able to take a single picture in all of these months. To plentiful became the moments of magic. It felt wrong to interrupt the flow of things by capturing them.

A few days ago, there was this sunset and all of us just ran up to the highest of our balconies and climbed on the railing to see the last beams of sunlight disappear in the west.

We are living close to Freiburg and we are circling, singing and telling stories to each other. We are studying the system, to find its openings for positive input. We are free and we are working for it every day. To keep the balance of things, we support each another and forgive our many flaws.

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