Freitag, 28. März 2014

People with Ram

People with Ram

The past handful of months had felt like an slow emerge out of an ocean of head games, I had set myself to solve throughout the previous years. What began as a playful exploration of the mind evolved over the years into a lasting state of ever questioning and internal negotiation about what “I” was and how I could tune in with my environment. What the Fitzgerald!, these were and are potent questions and I was fortunate enough to encounter and rediscover companions, who were of great service to my reflective process, but the more I kept on insisting of asking, the more I seemed to be solely by myself. Being alone - being one with all. I didn't get the grip. Many teachings from all over the places tend to encourage one not to give up on trying to solve these everyday contradictions. Especially enticed by western and eastern mystic traditions, I set out to live with the groups and individuals, who concern themselves with answers to the questions mentioned above.
And what a time I had. My habit of traveling and the hunger for novelty led me to experience, not only unknown regions of my mind, but also humans, who were living so differently from what I had previously known in my life that I started to get a taste of what I actually was looking for.

Rock, Scissors, Paper, Stone.

Everything is possible.

Cheers and good day

The Entourage

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