Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2012

Like a rolling stone / This is England

Like a rolling stone / This is England

I spin and roll and spin, spin, spin. My eyes are everywhere and I can see heaven, whilst spinning and spinning down the rocky road. All the other stones next to me are spinning as well. Some seem to sit in their beauty – really still and graceful - others smash, clash and crash to reform again. It's a messy enterprise – all this spinning and rolling. A lot of dust twirling up and around. We can see the heavens though as we keep on spinning, smiling and rolling.

One love, many roads to spin along to. One direction.

Yours Entourage

sending the love, taking the love, living in love.

... Affa David - Flame / live recording of the Black Label Lungs Basement Session 2

Feel the sound of another very gifted man: http://soundcloud.com/george-frakes

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