Dienstag, 29. Mai 2012

World Press Awards 2012

Hey folks,

this time I am presenting something awesome - my heroes of photography! I took those pictures at the Worldpress Awards 2012 (http://www.abendblatt.de/hamburg/article2265544/Ausstellung-zeigt-preisgekroente-Pressefotos-in-Hamburg.html) in Hamburg. It's happening every year close to Baumwall Station and is definitely one of my personal summer highlights of this city. All of those pictures have quite a background and are not only visually impressive, but show special personalities and hectic events of the past year. I can only advise everybody to visit the exhibit, which is open till 4th of June (and free). One of the pictures is obviously not taken be one of the big guns, but a little contribution from the street never hurts.

Much love,

The Entourage

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