Dienstag, 13. März 2012


Microcosmos... Macrocosmos... Microcosmos... Macrocosmos

Time seems to pass rapidly on the other side of the world. Sometimes one is wondering, if time can be stretched. The only prove for time that we actually have, is the constant change of physical matter around us. So if everything stopped changing, so would time. Can you that be done? Is that an chicken egg thingy (about what was first: change or time) or only a clever illusion to give life some tempo to make us believe, we are running out of chances and opportunities, if we don't decide immediately.

From time to time the only decision one can make, is no decision at all. And sometimes that might be just the right thing to do.

While climbing down my “flying” bed, I can still feel the sand between my toes. Yesterday – as the red moon hesitantly rose - I man emerged out of the sea and almost screamed at us, with his eyes wide open: I am alive. I AM ALIVE!

The moon up high – I see Oldchild and Europe running around in the sand, playfully chasing seagulls. The Columbian is smiling and I know – we too – are very alive.

The European found his love, but wont call her his girlfriend. He hates to put a name on something that feels natural and genuine. Names may carry meanings – sometimes even imply a certain behavior or expect rules to be followed, once you name what can only be felt. The two of them live without that. Happily.

I read a book and the author tells me that I should say “yes” to very moment and moment and moment again. I should make life my friend and it will be friendly towards me. That sounds like a good idea to me.

I am meeting one of my friends at her art studio and I am feeling very sad that, very soon, I wont be able to talk about the messages and non messages of her paintings anymore. Nevertheless, I am trying to stay positive and enjoying the depth of my feelings towards her and many more.

I receive a message. I friend a haven't seen a long time is coming to Australia. Sometimes you are loosing, sometimes you are winning.

As the sun sets, I am sitting in North Bondi, three wonderful people next to me. I observe very closely, as this moment, too, will pass to the next moment. Those people might be in it – might not be. I just want to make sure.

Just before I go to bed, I take a look at the room, I am living in. Books everywhere, paintings and drawings, I never thought I could do. Weird clothes hanging above self made crystal necklaces. What a hippie...! I thank all the lovely people for having me around in all my different moods and facets. I love to live out another part of me all the time. Changing my tempo from country to continent. The guy inside - who is watching all the “mes” jumping, crying, playing, bragging, being shy, wanting, letting go of and whatever else is imaginable - is smiling as he knows that he is all. He has been there all along.

Watch closely, be aware and enjoy...

With the love we carry,

Your Entourage

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