Samstag, 5. November 2011


You are very unique, my dear. An individual. You call such an extraordinary set of abilities, preferences and dislikes your very own. You might actually be our next president one day. Maybe, you'll just end up as another office employee in some random insurance company. Silent admiration for your uniqueness...

... open disgust.
We will shatter you hopes and eat your soul! You might call us a mob, the system or society. Formed by many - we are controlled by none. We will run you over and butcher your sweet, innocent love.
Run. Run! Noone and nothing can ever stop us - not even us. Our engine runs on foreign fears. Our hands act on collective mistrust. We are merciless and unforgiving.

My dear, we will cry for you. Your blood on our hands, we will admire you. Pieces of a superficial one falling apart - mourning - only to glue back into a random, obscure cluster of sick grey.
I beg you, please run! Don't stay and oppose us with such beautiful, silly trust. I love you so much... I want to be with you, but the tide is rising high again and so is my thirst for blood. We will hunt you and call you the devil. Your arts and ideas will burn. Your protest will be unheard. We will rape you and your filthy creativity, until your screams and sobs subside in helplessness. These radiant eyes of yours will become numb and empty. You will finally belong to us.

We love you shining star. We hate you so much

Just a teaser for what is to come soon. Some light on different views on the individual and the group in general and specific.

Have an awesome and enlightening day everybody!

A lot of love to everybody,

Your Entourage

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