Sonntag, 22. Mai 2011

The moment when glass expoldes against a wall

Mikael jumps out of an airplane - wearing no parachute.
There is a sudden feel of excitement, when the first dose of adrenalin rushes through his pulsing veins. His vision gets cloudy and it becomes hard for him to see the vague outlines of Moscow City - 10000 feet below him. He closes his eyes to clear his head when an old forgotten memory kicks in. Mikeal - being 5 years old - standing next to the little pond which everyone calls the "magic pond". People always tend to give stupid names to wonderful things, but Mikael is young and every word heard still rings like an orcheastra of a million bells in his innocent ears. Mikael's father sits just next to him and together they watch the water lilies blossom - all of them at the same time. Thats how the pond got to his special name, Mikeal's father had told the boy. The magic pond is a very unique pond, because all water lilies blossom at the same time between the 18th and 20th of May every year, since many, many years.

So, it became a custom in the Ru family - Mikael's family - that father and boy would go the that very unique pool every year for those three days in May. But after a very, very cold winter Mikael's father died on a foggy April morning - leaving his son and wife behind. Mikael cried for one whole month and collected all of his casted tears on a tiny, golden glass bottle. He planned to honour his father in a way only he could understand. So, came the day of May, when Mikeal would walk to the magic pond to watch the water lilies blossom. This time he was all by himself and his heart was overwhelmed by a deep, deep sorrow only a boy his age, who had lost a very good friend, listener and father could feel.

In the exact moment, when Mikeal arrived at the pool, he could hear that inimitable sound in the air, which is always followed by the simulataneous blooming of the water lilies. Mikael stepped very close to the pond's water egde, kneed down and carefully took his tiny, golden glass blottleout of his old-worn backpack. He opened the bottle's lid a little bit and slowly tilted the container of happily shared memories, which were spend by father and son in many, many years. When the first of his tears dropped into the water, Mikael was very surprised by its silver shimmering glint. He had been very careful in his time of pain that he would only think of good times with his father - tear by tear. Tear by tear dropped into the little pond, while the water lilies slowly started to blossom. Just as the last tear touched the water's surface all of the pond glowed in a light tear's silver and water lily's pink. Mikael walked away - a little smile on his face - thinking about one of his favourite poems, which says: "May our moments be like tears, to fill endless oceans"

Mikael flies throughout the endless skies like only a madman or bird can do. Moscow below him, a whole universe above. He cries out in joy like only a loving man can do. A man, who appreciates and loves only the moment and has no past or future. Every moment by itself dictates Mikael's life. He has spent many of them in pain or sorrow, but nevertheless all were followed by happy and loving ones. Mikeal understands the concept of quality - not quantity. He has not loved his own wife and son for 20 years - no - he has loved them every moment of that time newly with the totality, which can be only exist in a past and future free life.

The next year, Mikeal came back to the magic pond to watch the water lilies bloom. Since weeks, he had been so excited. He could never sleep nor think about anything else than those three days ahead. He wanted, wanted, wanted to see the spectacle now, now, now, so that he even missed to see a beautiful woman named Martina smiling his way on one of those regular train rides, which Mikael took every morning to work. He has even been to preoccupied by all his wanting of future events that he could not hear the sound of her heart - beating in the exact same rhythm like his and telling of the same desires as his did. When the 18th of May 2011 finally came, Mikael was the only one sitting on the small, wodden bench next to the long forgotten "magic pond". Peolpe had given it anonther stupid name, which probably told another wonderful story. Mikael sat there for just four mintues, when suddenly all water lilies started to blossom - all except for one. Mikeal could not believe it! He sat there - on this very same pond he had visited for over 40 years in a row - in total astonishment and confusion. Even after three, then four days of waiting the last water lily would still not open her delicious petals to reunite into the beauty of all others. Mikael was so, so sad and he was even angry, if you could be angry at a water lily, but he was! After the fourth day - just when a sad man wanted to rise off a bench on some random pond called the "magic pond" - a beautiful woman named Martina came by to see her special water lily blossom, which she had put their eight months ago, to honour a beloved friend, listener and father, who she had lost in the last night of autumn the previous year.

Having lost his past and not wanting to think about the future, Mikael finally managed to recognise her heart beating the same as his and broke out in tears by recognising the enormity of this very special and unique moment. Martina - knowing about his whole life - sat down and whispered in his ear: "May our moments be like tears, to fill endless oceans".

Mikael races through the clouds above Moscow City. His cries of joy filling the spaces of moments lined after each another. He twists around like he had never done anything else in his life. Flying on his back he can see his beautiful wife and son floating above him. All of them three not wearing any kind of parachute. Peolpe would call them mad and many do, but they have the strongest of all believes that they can fly. Who would ever disagree with them?

Hey beloved ones,
last week had been quite a ride as I visited Moscow for a job. As the pictures of the Kremel are pretty random and nothing special due to lack of time, I thought another short story would do the trick.

All the best and stay in the moment otherwise you'll never see.

Your Moscow - Club -Kicked - out - Tomato - throwing - Entourage

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